Joe Blackburn

David Byrnes

Michael Charter

Stirley Cochran

Tommy Collins

Mitch Conway

Mark Cormier

Rafael Davila

Keith Davis

George Dietrich

Bob Dischinger

Jim Dunn

Donald Eisinger

Frank Erhart

Robert Fanto

Roger George

Darryl Graham

Dave Hancock

Mel Hayes

Mike Herbes

Ken Hunt

Dennis Jones

Bruce Kuhlman

Jeff Kusterer

Lester Lea

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Michael Patterson

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Michael Zambryski

William B Hunt Memorial Chapter XXV

Founded January 2011


   SFC William Dunn

   SFC James Olsen

   CSM Paul “Pappy” Warrington

   SFC Robert “Moon” Hayne

Honorary Members

These are True Friends and

Brothers to the soldiers of

Our Special Forces Chapter.

It is with their support and guidance that brought us together under the Special Forces Organization.


Eddie Coombs

David “Robbie” Robinson

Don Sather

Doug Stanley

Andy Wang